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This course encompasses the basic fundamental principles for a career in Culinary Arts/Food Production. This class will emphasize the importance of such terms and procedures as mise en place, knife skills, proper use of tools and several other basic principles that are important to the culinary industry. This course will also emphasize the appropriate standard of behavior and uniform that is set by culinary professionals.

This course describes the skills, knowledge and attitude required to prepare stock, sauce and soup, prepare salads, and prepare dessert and Prepare main course. This includes the selection of ingredients, preparing rice item, flour item, meat & fish item and preparing vegetables items in a commercial production establishment.

At the end of this course, trainees will have a core knowledge and insight into the essential aspects of Culinary Arts/Food Production.


Overview Course Details

Sl.No Course Duration Qualification Total in-take
1 Six Months Class X and above 30 Candidates
2 Three Months

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