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This course module introduces trainees to the science of the ingredients of pastry and baking, and the practice of creating a variety of baked goods through use of the latest mixing techniques and cost-effective production methods. Students delve deeply into baking technology in this course, learning the different types of flours, sugars, and yeast, and how the interactions of these ingredients affect the outcome in leavened, unleavened, and laminated products. Trainees will also learn how to take temperatures of all various elements used in bread making; how to properly mix; how to produce yeast doughs using direct sponges and leaven sponges; how to properly allow the breads to ferment through proofing; and how to shape and bake.

This course will help gain hands-on experience creating a variety of baked goods and desserts. Some classes also cover the basics of the scientific and chemical processes involved when combining ingredients and preparing desserts or other baked goods.

Here are a few common concepts found in pastry and baking classes:

  • Basic techniques
  • Sanitation
  • Breads
  • Cakes
  • Mixing and production


Overview Course Details

Sl.No Course Duration Qualification Total in-take
1 Six Months Class X and above 30 Candidates
2 Three Months

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